PLAYGROUND well-being tips 💛

Looking after Mama (& Papa) Bear 🐻

In these uncertain and challenging times, we wanted to share some tips to look after ourselves & our well-being. 

So, let's take a look....

+ Carve out 'you-time' just a moment each day, to unwind, relax, acknowledge how you feel and sit with it. 

+ Grateful - write three things each morning you are grateful for, it really helps to set a positive mindset for the day. 

+ Deep breaths - if feeling anxious, put a hand on the tummy and take long deep breaths in and out. Imagine a wave lapping in and out on the beach  🌊Tune into the breath and feel the tension drop away. 

+ Fun activities - plan a couple of things each day that you will all enjoy, let the little ones know what they are so they can look forward to them too. Making cakes, playing ball, whatever they enjoy. Some great ideas here too.

+ Fresh air - try to get outdoors at least once a day, especially if the sun is shinning. Vitamin D is much needed at this time of year. Nature continues as normal and it can help us feel more 'normal' / settled being in nature. 

Yoga online - most studios are running online classes now, they are live so you still get that connection with the teacher and peers. Our recommended classes East of Eden Yoga and Jeff Phenix

+ Meditation - if you don't already meditate, there are tons of apps which can provide 5 mins of calm or listen to longer versions at night or when you have time. Deepak Chopra guides some great meditations, this one feels appropriate right now. It can really help to gain a deep sleep 😴

+ Kitchen rave - yep why not! Crank some tunes and get dancing with the little ones. They will love it. Singing and dancing cannot fail to lift spirits. 

+ Laugh lots - do whatever it takes to bring laughter, your favourite tv series or ring a friend who always makes you laugh. 

+ Exercise - get the heart rate going, whether it is tag with the kids around the house or in the garden or going for a jog or workout vids. Cardiovascular is essential to get the blood pumping and oxygen around the body which will help physically and mentally with everything!

+ Eat well - keep up the veggies and fruit,  the will help to keep your immune system strong. 

Stay strong and safe. Positive vibes to all. 

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