Video by Cleo Foster & Joe Puxley

Founder Jessica Knowles launched Playground after having two daughters and spending her time off from her career in fashion at the Playground.

The fashion and lifestyle brand brings like-minded folk together to celebrate all aspects of family life, bringing streetwear to the playground and back home again in time for bed.

At Playground, we strive to be sustainable in every aspect of our business. We care about the kind of planet our kids will inherit, so all of our products are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester – materials that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

Our packaging materials are made from recycled and sustainable materials too, from the recycled Simpac mailers, to the tissue paper, to the stickers. And we use carbon neutral shipping via DHL. 

I want my kids to grow up to be decent humans, so that’s the behaviour I try to model. All of our products are made in ethical factories; places with good working conditions, where people both earn a living wage and have their rights respected. As we flourish, our plan is to give back to our community by working with charities that help children and the environment. We’ll tell you more as this develops.

Jess x.